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Can-Knocky-Over: A Driveway Drinking Game

Published 2020-06-28, updated 2020-07-07

Also Known As: Hit The Can; Everyone Must Get Stoned

Marika, Biago, and I were relaxing with lawnchairs in the driveway with a couple of beers when we accidentally invented a drinking game. It’s pretty fun.


  1. Each player must already have drunk one beer to be eligible to play, and must be in possession of their empty beer can.
  2. The empty cans (one belonging to each player) are arranged in a small circle in the middle, and each player sits in their lawn chair an equal distance back from their can, so that the cans form a tight inner circle, with the chairs forming a larger outer circle. As pictured:
    The Field
  3. Each player gathers up to five small pebbles in their dominant hand and holds a full beer in their other hand. The beer must remain in the hand for the duration of the game.

The Gameplay

  1. The first player throws a pebble at another player’s empty can.
  1. Everybody replenishes the pebbles in their throwing hand up the maximum of five.
  2. Play proceeds clockwise. When a player’s beer is empty, they are out of the game.


Alternate Rules