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Hi! Welcome to my site.

My name is Justus and this is my home on the web. Top-level nagivation is on the left. Recent updates are on the right.

My hope is for your exploration of this site to feel like wandering through a well lived-in house—as you move from room to room you never know quite what you'll find, but there might be something interesting admidst the detritus. I may tidy things up occasionally. For more about why this site exists, see why, or for the technical details, see how does this site work.

I do system administration during the day and enjoy playing with web technologies and doing other digital tinkering in my free time—I have a handful of write-ups and guides about such things in the tech section. I try to avoid spending too much time looking at screens by also engaging in hands-on hobbies, including cooking, sewing, and photography.

For a broad view of recent major events in my life, see my /now page.

If you want to ascend to the attic of this rickety old house, check out misc where you can find a list of books I've read recently, a tour of my houseplants, a collection of digital housewarming gifts, and possibly other forgotten things.

Finally, because links make the web go 'round, check out my links page for other things I like.

I love hearing from people—feel free to email me!

Keeping the web messy,