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Hi! Welcome to my site.

My name is Justus, and this is my personal playground on the web. For more about why this site exists, see why, or for the technical details, see how does this site work.

I do system administration during the day, and enjoy playing with web technologies and doing other digital tinkering in my free time—I have a handful of write-ups and guides about such things in the tech section. I try to avoid spending too much time looking at screens by also engaging in hands-on hobbies, including cooking and sewing.

If you really want to deep-dive into my world, check out misc where you can find a list of books I've read, a tour of my houseplants, a collection of digital housewarming gifts, and...more.

Finally, because links make the web go 'round, check out my links page for other things I like.

I love hearing from people—feel free to email me! Thanks for visiting!