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Marika and Biagio's new house

Published 2019-11-08, updated 2020-04-05

Table of Contents

The Beginning

Marika and Biagio bought a house above Lincoln Park. It’s a pretty significant project, but it’s in a great location (right across from SHT, near Lincoln Park bike trails, view of the lift bridge) and it will be beautiful when they’re done with it!

A friend of theirs said, “You guys took the strategy of buying the crappiest house in the neighborhood. Nice!”

I’m having a little house envy, so I’m going to live vicariously through them and follow their progress on this page.



Update 2019-11-16

They’re cutting a hole in the side of the house for a sliding door from the living room out to the deck. Dad was there to help out this weekend.



Update 2020-02-13

The kitchen is livable and cozy!


Update 2020-04-05

The kitchen is no longer livable and cozy!